Timeline is in N.Q.Edit

-1000 N.Q. Edit

-1000 - Universe created. Exlon creates time.

-930 - The Angelic War begins on Iteos.

-906 - Primal fighters of both sides (Huntress, Avacyon) locked away behind the Lakedeep Door. Craftsman passes Verafiel's Gate instructions to the Rokiverse.

-900 N.Q. Edit

-900 - Exlon splits himself into three parts to hide from the Shadow.

-500 N.Q. Edit

-483 ANQ - Questers free Avacyon and Huntress, kill Avacyon, set ANQ into motion, teleport to 17 ANQ.

0 N.Q.Edit

0 - The New Quest Expedition is launched. Bran and Chris discover Quest. Chris dies. Questers formed.

1 - The Mirror War begins.

2 - Aus-Bran Concordat ends the Aussiverse-Branniverse War. The Demon War begins.

3 - The Kitsune Planet joins the Branniverse. Bran becomes The Grand Elusa. The Artifact War begins.

4 - Mythril joins the Questers.

6 - Mythril discovers his Elder God heritage.

7 - Simon joins the Questers. DotD 2011. The Imperium clan swears war on the Questers.

8 - Mythril dies, and Carnivore is freed. Mythril's clone 19 becomes sentient.

9 - DotD 2012

10 N.Q.Edit

10 - Huntress is freed from the Lakedeep Door. Avacyon is also released from imprisonment.

11 - The Questers fall. Phoenixia is established and becomes the headquarters for the New Questers.

12 - DotD 2013

13 - DotD 2014. Samuel is crowned King of the Aussiverse. Tyralin army invades. Dragons return to Quest. The Grand Councilwoman is assassinated. Victor Krembaugh becomes the Grand Councilman. The Green Kitsune dies. The Four Horsemen are exiled. Azazel is killed. Joseph's body is stolen. Odin's godhood is revealed. Alder is met. The Questers vanish. All supernormal activity stops. Odin joins the Order and moves to Valhalla. Mariasa leads the Valkyries in an uprising.

14 - Sam enters into a treaty with space pirates, gives them experimental technology.

15 - Kudagitsune is dethroned in favor of an atheistic Council.

16 - Questers return to existence. Dusk loses the title of the White Kitsune of Protection. The Council refuses to appoint a new one. The Questers return. Maia is the target of an assassination attempt. World ends.

17 - Questers travel back in time to -483 NQ, then bounce to 17 ANQ. DotD 2016. 17 ANQ - Questers appear in a radically altered universe, informs alternate Questers about events that transpired.

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